Farmers Insurance

I had the pleasure of working with Shawn, several years ago. We worked in the same office and I always felt that Shawn’s Customer Service skills, were second to none. She always took the time to listen to the clients problems, confirm what their problems were and then came up with a solution that took care of the problem. Also, Shawn is a very hard worker. She will start a project and not stop until that project is done. She is very attentive to detail and finishes her projects on time. I would highly recommend working with Shawn, if you want the job done right and finished on time. ~ Scott W. formerly DM for District 15

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I'm a Virtual Assistant, basically a Freelance PA - to help business owner's who are overwhelmed with the little details, scheduling meetings, travel arrangements, email management, bookkeeping, managing databases, social media management & monitoring, customer service via phone or live chat. Basically anything to free up the client to do what they are best at.